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Vegan Nutrition: What Does the Science Say?

Submitted by: martivegan
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Topic: bay area north

Is anyone from the north bay area? of sf? I would like...

Topic: do you say you are vegan?

`Yes! It's not always easy to bring it up but I always...

Topic: do you say you are vegan?

Do you tell others you are vegan? or do you keep quiet? Like when you are with friends..

Topic: Would you date an omnivore?

`Looking back on my life I wasn't always a vegetarian...

Topic: Proof that long term veganism is in fact the Natural Way

Thought we could just pitch in different facts and...

Topic: Veganism, Animal Rights and Global Warming

Most people out there don't know that eating meat is...

Topic: Vegans in Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Hey there! Any fellow vegans in Los Angeles and...

Topic: Vegans In Austin, Texas

Topic: What is the most compelling vegan video or book you know of?

Hi everyone, Just wanted to find out if a certain...

Topic: For Guys Who Have No Clue How To Make a First Date Special

`same as me, I don't know how to start a conversation...

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