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Vegan Passions Members

  • shadowxyz
  • Looking for an intelligent girl that shares my interests.
  • 45 years old | Clifton, NJ, USA

  • squizzy
  • Profile picture taken October 2015. Those in front of TV taken June 2014. Group photo taken Mexico Feb 2015. 5K race and 4th July fun picture taken July 2015. I'm recently retired, honest, sincere and caring, potentially your best friend! I'm looking for a vegan/vegetarian woman to hang out with, spend time with, create memories together. I'm into health, fitness, nature, the outdoors. I enjoy run...
  • 69 years old | Two Harbors, MN, USA

  • mrsweetpotato83
  • 36 years old | Springfield, MO, USA

  • plainscott
  • Veg/Vegan for LIFE! I decided to dump the meat from my diet (except fish) in 1999, then the fish went away 10 years later! Since then, I have been making progress towards full veganism, and finally got there just weeks ago. Happy to say I am fully vegan at home, and nearly always vegan otherwise. However, meeting smart, fun, attractive, exciting vegan women were I live is so very difficult. I'm mo...
  • 53 years old | Bowling Green, KY, USA

  • elohimearthling
  • Under review...
  • 32 years old | Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • bicycle420
  • I'm out on bicycle tour. I sold most my stuff and started looking for a new place.
  • 41 years old | Colonie, NY, USA

  • salem34
  • 40 years old | Abbot, IL, USA

  • mcjoken
  • Happy Guy for you Looking out for you. Supporting you and living the good life with you.
  • 53 years old | New York City, NY, USA

  • veganlizard
  • I am horrible at this part... I am a very peaceful, easy going lass. I have no kids other than a few pets, wonderful family, awesome friends, an overall great life. I am not your usual gal, hard to match...too much to say here. If interested just ask. I have been vegetarian my entire life and vegan going on 10 years now. I feel much better this way, and am grateful I only know from being around me...
  • 40 years old | Phoenix, AZ, USA

  • ianthevedge
  • Compassionate Creative Activist Hi my name is Ian. I do not smoke, drink, or partake any mind altering substances. I am a community minded activist, with a passion for the people, animals, vegetation, and art. Work at Sapna Cafe, I cook, serve and promote. I bicycle everywhere. I have been a vegan for three years, a vegetarian for eight.
  • 35 years old | Phoenix, AZ, USA

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