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Vegan Passions Members

  • sloandsure
  • 67 years old | Mount Olive, NC, USA

  • fruitybooty
  • just here checkin this thing out!
  • 19 years old | Petaluma, CA, USA

  • taylorjm123
  • Raw Veganism Pacificism Longevitism
  • Raw Veganism Pacificism Longevitism Looking to eventually get a motorhome or travel trailer, and travel the world parks. Plant vegetable gardens, and perhaps homeschool children.
  • 28 years old | Mankato, MN, USA

  • veganbeast
  • A cruelty free being searching for friends of the same mindset
  • 38 years old | Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • cyrus366
  • 51 years old | Oceanside, CA, USA

  • sanket01
  • 28 years old | Harlem, NY, USA

  • plainscott
  • Veg/Vegan for LIFE! I decided to dump the meat from my diet (except fish) in 1999, then the fish went away 10 years later! Since then, I have been making progress towards full veganism, and finally got there just weeks ago. Happy to say I am fully vegan at home, and nearly always vegan otherwise. However, meeting smart, fun, attractive, exciting vegan women were I live is so very difficult. I'm mo...
  • 54 years old | Bowling Green, KY, USA

  • ravenswing
  • diamond in the not so rough I am very spiritually centered and into truth, but zen about life and enjoying life and the world in fun and productive ways. Many people, many paths, say the same thing, so I am open about it. The truth is the same from whoever says it. I am caring and giving, creative in this area and other areas, love laughing and finding the humor in life. Want to continue to grow a...
  • 68 years old | Abbott, CA, USA

  • dutch8926
  • Not quite vegan I've an extremely sensitive tongue. I love food! I cook only vegetarian; I avoid meat. I don't want meat. I've no problem with dairy - sorry. I'm a tactile, nurturing, ascetic, poly Teddy Bear, intellectual. I'm looking for women friends that I can adopt as close as family & have a relationship with. I'm into character and not looks. Want more info? Ask. I'm on several other...
  • 56 years old | Columbus, OH, USA

  • peaceandlove123
  • No Animals I want to meet people who do not eat animals. I have cheese every once in awhile but rarely.
  • 64 years old | Albany, NY, USA

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