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  • samawolfe
  • Looking for a funny vegan girl!
  • Looking for a funny vegan girl! I grew up in NYC and I work on an organic farm in Upstate New York. I love cooking and eating and growing food. I am a very easy going guy, but I am pretty shy and awkward in large groups of people. I am better one on one than in a party setting. I am home for a while (until the growing season starts again) and I was looking for a vegan girl to take out on a couple ...
  • 25 years old
  • New York, NY, USA
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  • pignapelata
  • Amo gli animali, l'arte, la cultura, la scoperta, il viaggio.
  • 39 years old
  • Vado Ligure, ITALY
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  • sheba662
  • vegan princess I am a fun loving vegan princess, looking like minded people for frienship and dating
  • 50 years old
  • County of Surrey, United Kingdom
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  • candidcarrot
  • looking to meet like-minded people
  • 21 years old
  • Melville, Australia
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  • odesza
  • I'm newly vegan and very interested to connect with others with the same passion and lifestyle! I'm interested in finding friends with the same ideologies and beliefs as myself. I'm looking for friends I can have fun with and have great conversations with! I love going to the gym, hiking, going to concerts, and trying new things!
  • 28 years old
  • Marlboro, MA, USA
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  • mysticalveganct
  • Spiritual Vegan Minimalist My Purpose is to change up the system and make the world a better place by being the change I want to see in the world. How I describe myself is also what I am looking for in a partner. I am a Raw till 4 vegan. I am spiritual in the sense that I try my best to embody love and I am looking for someone who is consciously aware, open minded and interested in OBEs 27 years old
  • Stamford, CT, USA
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  • groovybrian
  • My name's Brian I'm 21 years old (11/22/1994) I'm not gonna write a book about myself on here, as no one ever truly knows anyone from reading a bio they wrote on a website, so I'll lay down a few sum-ups. I'm pretty new to veganism (made the change from vegetarianism to veganism early November 2015) so I'm still learning and develo...
  • 24 years old
  • Dunedin, FL, USA
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  • yogawithtam
  • Yoga is a strong passion of mine and I would love to meet a yogin. I've been a veggie my whole life and became a vegan about a year ago. I was traveling the world for the last two years and came back to the states before Christmas 2015. I am here now and looking to meet like-minded people. I find that pretty difficult in the Antelope Valley so I thought that I would go to my last resort and search...
  • 33 years old
  • Palmdale, CA, USA
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  • tamarinlorr
  • Long-Term Relationship/Open-Minded Friends
  • Long-Term Relationship/Open-Minded Friends Hello! My name is Glen and I'm a newborn baby Vegan. It was a crazy year-long transition, but there's just no going back! This life-style is seriously amazing and I would love to share the experience! __________|Exercise| My favorite exercises are running and swimming because cardio is ridiculously important (and it's just fun...). I'm interested in ...
  • 25 years old
  • Pembroke Pines, FL, USA
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  • lesherick
  • Hi, I'm 33 years old and just recently made the switch to Veganism. I'm cutting way back on Dairy products, I go most days without any and in turn working on making my Diet HCLF. 2015 was a super transitional and learning year for me and my 2016 Resolution was to go Vegan. I live in a small town in Western PA and there are very little Vegan or Vegetarian people or places in this area. I just hope ...
  • 37 years old
  • Somerset, PA, USA
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