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  • brother1d
  • becoming proactive in dating health conscious longtime vegan who likes joke cracking, dancing and stimulating discussion seeks smart, socially conscious woman who is vegan friendly, outgoing, considerate and flexible.
  • 63 years old | Brooklyn, NY, USA

  • veganinfrance
  • i don't eat meat or dairy, i don't buy leather, i live in the middle of foie gras country so i feel rather outnumbered by omnivores and in need of some kind of outlet for the various emotions evoked by the threats to our planet which no-one around here even acknowledges...good discussions on most subjects would be welcome...
  • 66 years old | Monpazier, France

  • dutch8926
  • Not quite vegan I've an extremely sensitive tongue. I love food! I cook only vegetarian; I avoid meat. I don't want meat. I've no problem with dairy - sorry. I'm a tactile, nurturing, ascetic, poly Teddy Bear, intellectual. I'm looking for women friends that I can adopt as close as family & have a relationship with. I'm into character and not looks. Want more info? Ask. I'm on several other...
  • 56 years old | Columbus, OH, USA

  • athanalexander
  • Carbohydrates, my nemesis.
  • Carbohydrates, my nemesis. I'm in the middle off a new Walking Dead episode, can't I come back to this? I love vegan sushi. All day, every day love sushi. and vegan pizza. All vegan food, really.
  • 32 years old | Fresno, CA, USA

  • unicorn1111
  • I am a nature girl at heart... I love to *hike *cook *write poetry *have adventures *MUSIC FESTIVALS *camping etc... I'm looking to chat with like minded people, to expand spiritual growth and knowledge
  • 38 years old | Kelowna, Canada

  • peaceandlove123
  • No Animals I want to meet people who do not eat animals. I have cheese every once in awhile but rarely.
  • 64 years old | Albany, NY, USA

  • v3ganali3n
  • I am a vegan fashion model, artist, writer, and actor. I am learning Japanese in preparation of moving to Japan, and I am seeking friends, connections, and the perfect partner.
  • 24 years old | Browns Mills, NJ, USA

  • lbartist
  • Compassion & Logic Are IMPORTANT! I am looking for a person (or people) with whom I share what I believe are base-level ethics. We are all connected, and Earth is my favorite planet so far, so I'd like to tread lightly and see more of the natural world while I still can, and while it's still here. I am a musician, and this is a large and important part of who I am, how I operate, what moves m...
  • 48 years old | Long Beach, CA, USA

  • chemistryfishin
  • I like the outdoors, camping, hiking, mountain and road bike riding, and I enjoy spending time at the lake or the beach. I also like going to motorcycle rallies and classic car shows when I have the time. I would like to meet someone with similar interests. Someone who is mature enough to know that happiness in life is really about the relationships we develop and the people we choose to associ...
  • 59 years old | West Warwick, RI, USA

  • houseandtechno
  • I’m 32, been vegetarian since I was 12 and have been pretty strict dietary vegetarian (virtually vegan — my vice is the occasional guilty doughnut and I have vintage leather jackets I will still wear) for the last 11 years. I am currently deeply involved in Chicago’s house and techno scene. I’m looking forward to returning to school in the fall of 2020.
  • 33 years old | Chicago, IL, USA

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