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Why are you vegan/vegetarian?

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Posted:     Post subject: Why are you vegan/vegetarian?

I have always been interested and somewhat perplexed by the reasoning behind why someone chooses to omit meat, fish and dairy totally from their diet. Of course I am well aware of the fact that following the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is a healthier way to go but people can be very healthy and be an omnivore also.

I have grown up in an environment where we milked cows in the morning and had fresh milk on the table every day, fresh eggs from the hens, and the meat in the freezer was born and bred on our farm and was slaughtered and chopped up at the local abattoir. Now i'm not talking 50 years ago i'm only 28.

I knew and know exactly where all my meat comes from i buy local and fresh. the local butcher and veg shop is buying local.

let my first Question be to people who dont eat eggs or milk products.
when there is no harm to the animal whats wrong with eating eggs or milk. the eggs for human consumption isn't fertilized so what are you meant to do? leave the hen sitting on the egg and the egg never hatches. is that not a worse form of cruelty. its like waiting for a baby that was never gonna come in the first place. or with regards to milking cows, calves get taken off cows and put into warm sheds are well fed and not out in fields where they are in danger from foxes. and the majority of cows that produce milk for human consumption produce way too much for one calf (sure this is due to specialized breeding which is a whole other topic) and would only end up the mastitis and an bad infection loose her milk for all future calfs. I have seen it happen.
Take note I do not agree with mass production and animals being given no room to move about. This is not a problem to the origin conscious shopper, organic and local produce of all items is easily found if you want to avoid the mass production items.

just my opinion.

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Posted:     Post subject: Re: Why are you vegan/vegetarian?

First, because animals were not put on this earth for cowardly humans to dispose of as they see fit. If you think the way non-vegan humans regard animals is so wonderful perhaps you should volunteer to take their place and be enslaved, confined, tortured, probably separated from your family, frightened, and slaughtered. After that then you might have a more credible assessment of how moral your view of animals is. Animals have an excuse for their ignorance. Humans do not. We were given powerful cognitive and logical brains for a reason. The ability to perceive and react to injustices goes along with the posession of such wonderful brains. Some of us choose to develop and use it.

Secondly, because the egg and dairy industries are just as cruel and in cahoots with as the "meat" industries. Calves are taken away from their mothers and then killed. Cows have their udders burnt with blow torches to remove any hairs just so cowards can have their hair-free milk. Any chicken that can no longer lay eggs isn't allowed to comfortably retire. It is slaughtered for meat. Not to mention the dairy and egg farms keep the animals in deplorable conditions. Oh, and it was the human breeding and enslavement of domestic animals that robbed them of their ability to survive in the wild. Chickens and cows lived in the wild for millions of years and survived until humans came along and completely started dictating their lives. This is no different than humans enslaving other humans and then claiming that it is an act of benevolence because the slaves are somehow better off without freedom and self-determination. Nowadays few humans still defend human slavery but because most humans are cowardly hypocrites they will indignantly condemn human slavery on one hand and happily defend animal slavery on the other.

Thirdly, all this so that humans can satisfy their "appetites". There is absolutely no necessity to consume milk or any animal products. No other mammal under natural and ideal circumstances consumes the milk of another species nor do they consume milk past infancy. Humans do so because humans get stupid ideas from time to time and are too stubborn and cowardly to get over their ignorance. The brainwashing that they are subjected to from birth in human cultures leads to all but the most intelligent and courageous of humans becoming animal abusers either directly or tacitly. The only thing consuming animal products does is destroy over time the health of human bodies that were never intended by nature to be anything other than herbivores. The correct and natural way is an entirely vegan and straight-edge lifestyle. That is the healthiest and most moral way to go.

I don't know what else to tell you other than you won't find many people here who will agree with you. This is a vegan site afterall. People who make the profound decision to adopt a full vegan lifestyle generally don't arrive at such a conclusion randomly or lightly. Most of us were brainwashed as children to view animals as disposable commodities but in spite of that we eventually found the voice of conscience and reason within us that told us what were doing was not only reprehensible but also unnecessary and even harmful to ourselves. On a site like this you won't find many people supportive of animal cruelty and slavery and in fact they come here mostly looking for people who don't support such things. I won't come down harder on you only because I and most others here were once just as brainwashed, selfish, and naive but we found the courage and reason to evolve past it. I hope you will eventually be able to do the same.

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Posted:     Post subject:

`1) Animals: I want them to enjoy the freedom I have;
2) Environment: this planet is just awesome and next generations must have the chance to see it;
3) Health: but in this case I will be slowly working on changing my food to raw.
4) I like to provoke people Very Happy .. Just joking.

That's it.

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Posted:     Post subject:

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