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Proof that long term veganism is in fact the Natural Way

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July 12, 2015
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PostPosted:     Post subject: Proof that long term veganism is in fact the Natural Way
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Thought we could just pitch in different facts and myths that the long term vegan lifestyle is somehow unhealthy.

I truly believe that through lessening the stress in our lives and living in harmony with the earth and our bodies we have the ability to live indefinitely.
There are so many incredible compounds in plants that we are only beginning to understand, And every plant has a different new compound That does everything from eliminating cancer to keeping random parts of our bodies functioning properly.
When people do not eat a wide plant based diet and instead rely on animal products and processed foods and only eat plants occasionally, They miss out on All of these different compounds which could be keeping their bodys in prime condition.

This is why i believe that a Diet that is full of a wide variety of plants is the only way we were designed to live.

so the number one thing i hear is that, I COULD NEVER BE VEGAN, I NEED PROTEIN.
Well this is absurd since the body is capable of absorbing protein in far higher amounts from plants Like quinoa, Hemp, and Chia seed which are all complete proteins on their own with Iron magnesium and other neccesary nutrients that people rely on meat for, Than it is from meat,
When you rely on Plant based sources like quinoa for your iron and protein You aren't Absorbing all that bad cholesterol and saturated fat that the body is simply unable to handle which winds up raising your blood PH And stealing calcium from the bones.

The next is Vitamin B12, A lot of people don't know this but Everyone in our little sterilized society is deficient in B12, Even Factory farmed Animals who are Completely Herbivores and would never need to eat animal products to get b12, Wind up low in b12 and the only reason the people who eat those animals Wind up getting b12 is that they are Giving The Animals supplements!!!

I believe the sterilization of our water with chlorine and the outside of our fruits and vegetables being sterile along with a lack of propper bacteria in our mouths from our ancestors not following the natural human diet which is vegan-ism, is far more to blame than

so the next one I always hear, BUT WE ARE OMNIVOREs ITs NATURAL.

IDK What you think an omnivore looks like but they have giant claws and razor sharp teeth, For ripping flesh wide open and eating it raw, They have short intestines for quickly pushing out The animal product they have eaten before all the cholestrol and fat gets absorbed and gives them all sorts of issues.

We on the other hand, have weak nails and relativly flat teeth, When was the last time you saw a dead animal stinking in the hot sun on the ground and decided to have a little snack because it just smelled so damn good, Just rip it right open right there? Our supposed "canines" Barely pop out at all, And Many plant eaters like gorrillas have giant canines. so Ours Don't mean ANYTHING!

We have thumbs And eyes that see in colour easily able to spot fruit!!! This should be a dead give away that we are desinged to be primarily fruit and veg eaters as very few other animals have the ability to s Pull Peel

Intestinal length: Our intestines Are too damn long and our stomach acid PH Too damn weak. An omnivore and carnivore will have short intestines and strong stomach acid, Designed to Not only be able to eat raw meat which humans are incapable for the most part of doing, But also quickly break down the Meat and push it out without Absorbing too much saturated fat and cholesterol

Many folks say, Oh well its just because we're eating too much meat that we get unhealthy. NO YOUR NOT supposed TO EAT IT AT ALL.

When was the last time you saw a lion eat too much meat and develop a heart problem? NEVER!
When was the last time you heard a human was unhealthy because they ate TOO MANY Fruits and Veggies! NEVER!!!

ANYWAY Let me know what you guys Feel and hear. And if you have any interesting proof of New plant based compounds that help keep us in tip top shape, Please let em rip!

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