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Adventures in Kinship With All Life

John Allen Boone

ADVENTURES IN KINSHIP WITH ALL LIFE tells heartwarming, inspiring, true stories of the amazing power of extra-sensory perception in animals, of a bond of trust between people and animals of all kinds, and a new and wonderful world of silent communication. Adventures salutes the divinity within all living creatures. In his encounter with Just Joe, his monkey-companion, J. Allen Boone struggles to become the pupil, with the small simian as a teacher whose wisdom is not measured in words, but in his ability to vibrate with life s pulsations. Other characters are horses, gophers, seagulls and two remarkable and faithful dogs, Sally and Bomber. A chapter entitled The Love Compass tells of a mysterious power animals possess. Boone teaches the reader how to learn the silent language and become a master at interspecies relationships. In his thoughtful tales he speaks silently with all forms of life and grows to understand their silent replies. Boone never looked down on animals as lesser creatures; rather he looked across at them as companions in the grand adventure of life. His cultivated mental affinity with nature allowed him to see that everything that lives has something of value to share with us.

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